Merangkul Gereja Indonesia dalam Mendidik Tanggung Jawab Ganda dan Pribadi Utuh dalam Konteks Plural

Iky Sumarthina Putri Prayitno


Church is mostly comfortable living in the domestic sphere only and are reluctant to see, explore, consider and even criticize the public sphere where the context of the church exists. Meanwhile, the responsibility of the in the world is based on the multiple identities attached to it. The Christian (the living church) citizenship identity does not stop as citizens of the kingdom of God but also as citizens of the world. The true calling of the church is to educate every individual in the community of faith, to be able to become a whole person in the correct implementation of living that double responsibility. Education in terms of discipleship and world citizenship must be balanced and transformational. This is intended so that the legacy of faith does not only exist at the utopian stage of a person or a community of Christian faith, but can also reach the telos of God in His gifts to the world.
Keywords: dicsipleship; citizenship; dual responsibilities; plural.

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